Tai Chi Easy and Qi Gong

(Bu Zheng Qi Gong – Vitality Enhancement Qigong)
Practice Classes and Workshops Available – (link to services page)
About Qi Gong A simple, easy to learn system of self-applied health enhancement practices. These practices cultivate the natural healing that is within us, as well as supporting health maintenance, endurance, vitality, and longevity. And best of all, they are strategies that a person can implement themselves to support their own healing process.
These techniques are easy to learn, easy to apply, require no special knowledge or training, and can be practiced by all people, regardless of age, physical limitations, fitness level or health challenge.
Why learn Tai Chi and Qi Gong?
  • improve your health and overall wellness
  • promote mindfulness and deep relaxation
  • be empowered and enhance vitality
  • cultivate balance in life and inner calm
  • nurture body, mind, and spirit
  • strengthen the natural healing energy within

“The human – spirit‐mind‐body – is naturally enabled to heal and even flourish in a state of enhanced wellbeing and vitality. The most powerful healing elixirs (medicines) ever developed are produced naturally in the human system – for FREE! We are empowered by nature and the architect of the universe to awaken and even master the capacity to cultivate healing energies and healing chemistries within us.” ~Dr. Roger Jahnke

Tarot for Personal Empowerment – Consultations

Transform your life – clarity, action steps to achieve goals, clearing away blockages, balance, connection to your inner wisdom and inspiration.
The Tarot cards are a powerful spiritual tool to aide your soul’s journey on the path of personal empowerment . They can be used to deepen your understanding of yourself, your path and purpose in life. The Tarot cards are a tool (or key) to tap into your subconscious\ intuition, a way to connect with inner guides and higher wisdom, to peek behind the veil of conscious chatter and hear the quieter voice of wisdom within.

Consultations (via skype) – 3o minutes and 60 minutes

Tarot for Personal Empowerment – Mentoring

Learn to read the cards for yourself and be empowered to create a life that reflects your true self and higher purpose.
Beginning Lesson – how to read right out of the box, dispelling myths and mis-information
Intermediate – covers a wide range of information – understanding Tarot spreads, exploring a variety of ways to use Tarot, reading for others, history, ethics, and more.
Advanced – mentoring and guidance as you further your studies and deepen your understanding of using the Tarot as a tool for your personal inner growth and spiritual awakening.
Includes membership in private Facebook group for ongoing support and guidance.